1ST September 2022, Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Studies estimates Immersive Technology as a landmark history of the highest order in the information age. XRA reports: - “Immersive Technology will be as a utility as the mobile device by 2025.” PwC reports: - “Immersive Technologies could deliver a 1.5 trillion boost to the global economy”. The METAVERSE is a game-changing platform. Tech titans call it the “future city” and its revolutionizing everything.
Seeing is believing; Immersive technology provides the promise and perils of competitive advantages, accelerated innovation, enhances collaboration, revolutionized content developments and high performing teams for businesses. Permeating from every domain of economy and society, the strategist and leadership are in dilemma because they must rapidly adapt and evolve or dissolve to waste and lost profits.
Thus, as we come out of this pandemic, we need to be shaping tomorrow today. We need the next frontier of resilient workforce that is ready and enabled in these technologies. Sadly, this adaptive strategy is under threat.


There is a global shortage of skilled talents in these technologies. The disproportional divergence between employer's needs and employees' competence creates a disparity-gulf of gap that divides between the haves and have-nots in skilled talents among the existing workforce.
This gap is decimating our workforce. This gap could incapacitate our skilled workers and companies into crisis. Thus, in response to the above-mentioned, this conference will cultivate gargantuan waves of breakthroughs to bridge the gap of skilled talents in these technologies.
Value in a business is a function of its skilled talents. “So don't look for the needle in the haystack, just buy the haystack” - attend this conference. Engage in high level debates, grow your connections, meet the best influencers, and get fresh ideas. It's a 100% chance of a 100 times payoff.


  • Diagnose adapt and leverage techniques to streamline the implementation of action plans for an effective, affordable and reliable upskilling / reskilling.
  • Forge a powerful camaraderie; Connect, network, and engage face-to-face with industries top executives. Gain irreplaceable exposure at unprecedented scale.
  • Raised awareness in talent-supply-chain in Malaysia. Greater understanding of the required commitments, policy and action to attract and retain superior skilled talents in these technologies. (superior skilled talents are 8 times more productive -:
  • Create distinctive Immersive experience while unbundling a wealth of knowledge in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Reality (XR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

Target Audience

  1. Leaders in education sector especially University, College, Polytechnic, TVET institutions from government and private sector have an opportunity to close the forecasted skills gap:
    • Vice Chancellor/President/CEO
    • Dean & Head of Department
    • Academicians from Faculty of Creative Multimedia, ICT, Engineering, Construction, Architecture and Healthcare
    • Head of Curriculum
    • Head of Talent Acquisition & Graduates Employability ecosystem

  2. Policymakers from government, agencies and higher education who drive future growth by creating and funding employability, apprenticeships, and skills programmes focused on immersive skills, gaming and the Metaverse.
  3. Employers and industry association who keen to Innovate and enhance their competitiveness by supporting employees to upskill through immersive skills training and certification programs.

The Speakers

Mohan Low

Director, Digital Content Development, MDEC

Faisal Athar Mohd Fadzil

XR Specialist, Taylor's University

Jasni Zain

Head of Research & Partnerships, Digital Content Development, MDEC

Shawn Beck

UNITY Technologies

Khalid Gibran

Meta Universe Sdn Bhd

Jason Low

Virtualtech Frontier Sdn Bhd - CEO & Founder

Peter Liao

Pumpkin Studio CEO, Taiwan

Ramakrishnan CN

Managing Director Accenture Song

Pravin Hungund

VR/AR Association, Bangalore Chapter President, India




Time Topic Speaker Organization
0900 - 0910 Welcoming Remark Prof. Emeritus Ir. Dr Mohamed Amin Alias Cuberlab
0910 - 0930 Higher education needs to get in step with industry- It’s time for educators be at the forefront in developing invaluable skills that prepare high-growth rewarding careers in gaming, engineering, Extended Reality, Manufacturing and the Metaverse. Mohan Low Director, Digital Content Development, MDEC
0930 - 1000 What is Real-time 3D development and the growing importance of this skills in the current job market for our educators and students Faisal Athar Mohd Fadzil XR Specialist, Taylor's University
1000 - 1030 Morning Break
1030 - 1100 "Gap in skilled talents" vs. "skill shortage" in Asia. Immersive Technology's Hidden Challenges: Immersive technologies are developing at breakneck speed. Accelerating success is not by faith in technology, its faith in workforce Pravin Hungund VR/AR Association, Bangalore Chapter President, India
1100 - 1130 Unity's Global Education Program-How does Unity Technologies contributes skills development gaps that are adversely affecting the immersive tech and Gaming Industry Shawn Beck Field Engineer at Unity Technologies
1130 - 1200 Skillset needs and criteria of the Metaverse : What the potential workforce needs to know Jason Low CEO and Virtualization Director of Virtualtech Frontier Sdn Bhd (VTF)
1200 - 1230 Malaysia needs to bridge skill gap: Immersive, Gaming & MetaVerse Sector Ramakrishnan CN Managing Director Accenture Song
1230 - 1300 Developing Academia – Industry Linkages and Bridging the Gap Nazliyah Mohd Ali Sector Head, Industry Partnership, TalentCorp Malaysia
1300 - 1430 Luncheon & Networking Session
1430 - 1500 What is and Why Metaverse? Metaverse will evolve fractally and forever in Malaysia but, without skilled talents it's all irrelevant. Khalid Gibran Meta Universe Sdn Bhd
1500 - 1530 Policy & Support (How the Immersive Technologies and Gaming Sector need to be supported at a government and policy level in Malaysia) Jasni Zain Head of Research & Partnerships, Digital Content Development, MDEC
1530 - 1600 Talent without Limit :Nurturing the right Skills in Immersive & Gaming Industry. Peter Liao Pumpkin Studio CEO, Taiwan
1600 - 1630 Q&A Session
1630 - 1800 Refreshment & Networking Session

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